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Market Rules for Producers


We require all producers to meet the following standards and carry out an inspection for compliance before anyone may trade on the market.  



Produce should be locally grown or locally produced.  “Local” means within 30 miles radius of the market or, when supply is unavailable, up to 50 miles radius.  Guest suppliers over 50 miles may be allowed to attend if produce is otherwise unobtainable.


Closest producers within the 30 miles radius will receive preference over similar type of producers from beyond this distance.


Stalls must be staffed by the producer, family member or someone who is directly involved in growing, raising or producing the goods on sale.


No bought-in produce may be resold without further processing.  Wherever possible, processed goods should contain at least 10% local ingredients.


No Genetically Modified ingredients are permitted in any part of the production process.


All stallholders must comply with current Trading Standards and Environmental Health requirements and are subject to inspection by these bodies.


Producers must maintain Public, Products and Employee liability insurance.


Producers agree to supply information to customers about their production methods.


All producers agree to an inspection visit to ensure compliance with these Rules.