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Meat, Poultry & Fish

Brookleas Fish Farm from East Hendred, specialise in fresh and smoked farmed trout.  All very healthy and good for you!


Contact Tim on: 01235 820500


Brookleas Fish Farm

Castleman's Farm

Neal Rayner farms at Castleman’s Farm at nearby Woburn Green.  Products include pork, beef, bacon and sausages, lamb, poultry, venison and other game in season and free range eggs.  They also have duck and goose eggs.


Contact Neal on:  01628 523580 or 07958 911203

Chiltern Farm Food

Keith and Elizabeth Bennett rear pigs and lambs, the resulting products having a taste and succulence only possible when traditional methods are employed, time and natural feed being essential.  They also have game in season.



Eadles pork products are produced by the Eadle family on their farm in Oxfordshire.  Their range includes home cured traditional bacon, dry cured gammons, bacon and leek pies, chitterlings, brawn, award-winning 'bath chaps' and pork pies.  They are also now beef producers.


Contact Richard on: 07973 835625


K & S Chickens

Kevin Doyle produces free range, premium large chickens raised in Cookham.  You can order for collection at the market.  



Contact Kevin on: 07979 782759

Selsey Shellfish

Selsey Shellfish brings fresh crab, lobster and sea fish, all caught off their own boats sailing out of Selsey.  They can provide to special order if required.


Contact Jack on: 07974 970216

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